Thursday, January 20, 2005

I want my £4.43 back!

God but I hate Amazon.

I've hated them for ages now, ever since their 'Page That You Made' nonsense at the side of the screen started offering me the chance to buy soft porn videos for some reason, prompting my six year old son to run round the house like a maniac shouting 'Mum, Mum - Dad's looking at naked girls on the computer' at the top of his voice.

More recently though I ordered a pile of books and DVDs for Christmas presents at the beginning of December and paid for quick delivery (in spite of qualifying for free delivery). A week passed with no sign of the stuff, so I checked on the site and apparently my gifts were scheduled to be shipped on the 9th - sadly, this was on the 12th. So I mailed Amazon through their online form to ask where they were and got an email back telling me how to use the Help pages. I mailed them back (rather stroppily) and got an obviously stock reply saying the order was delayed but assuring me that it would be dispatched asap.

Which was fine. Except a week passed and no sign of my bits and pieces. So I raked through the Amazon site looking for a phone number and couldn't find one. I did find a direct email address on the web though - - and mailed that. By this point it was the 19th of December and I was panicking, so I was a bit bad-tempered to be honest.

Wonder of wonders, I finally got a reply two days later, saying that the books were now on their way and that I would be refunded my postal payment. The books arrived on Christmas Eve as it turns out but I'm still waiting for the refund (although 'My Account' on the Amazon site claims that the refund has been paid).

And I want my £4.43 back. I'd like to claim it's the principle, but it's not. It's the money. I'm mean and I want to buy Lance Parkin's last Doctor Who EDA, The Gallifrey Chronicles. £4.43 will just about cover that...from, obviously.


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