Friday, September 16, 2005


My friend Elaine mailed me the other day with some ill-thought out, misguided and frankly foolish digs at the might Heart of Midlothian FC, Scotland's premier football team. Going onto auto pilot, I replied with a list of the team's achievements this year which I replicate here just for the pleasure of seeing it written out in full again...

Hearts Facts, 2005

Games played - six
Games won - six.

Lead over Celtic and Hibs, the teams in joint second place - 5 points.
Lead over Rangers, the current championship holders - 8 points.
Current record holder for most consecutive games scored in Scottish Premier League - Rudi Skacel (Hearts).

Goals scored - 19.
Goals conceded - 3.

Current internationals in first team - 10.
Number of Champions League Winners in Scottish Football - 1 (Jankauskus, Hearts).
Number of European Championship Winners in Scottish Football - 1 (Fyssas, Hearts).
Only team in current world football to supply the most players to two different international teams - Hearts (Scotland, Lithuania).

Current Scottish Manager of the Month for the second month running - George Burley (Hearts)
Current Scottish Player of the Month for the second month running - Skacel (Hearts)

After thirty-five years of disappointment, maybe this is the year.

+++Edited to Add+++

Games played - eight
Games won - eight
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