Monday, December 22, 2008

You know you've seen her somewhere before...

Admit it, you know this girl.

She's all over the internet, smiling her faintly impatient little smile at you as you curse the closure of a site which Google suggested might have contained exactly what you were looking for.

Or you've typed the URL in wrong, and changing '' to '' might be a good idea...

Anyway, she has a life away from mildly censorious glares of approbation at your fat-fingered mistyping, as these images from a stock image site demonstrate.

It's a shame that it is a stock photo site actually - I quite like the idea of the mystery girl getting a penny for every time her face appears on the internet. She'd be rich by now and could retire to the Florida Everglades, there to grow old and wrinkled as her Dorian Gray like image remains for ever young and ever so slightly pissed off at getting her picture taken.

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