Thursday, February 10, 2005

Blogs are not islands

Well that's a bit strange.

I was thinking on the way home last night how nice it was that you could publish a blog, make all of your innermost thoughts theoretically available to anyone who cared to read them, and then by the simple expedient of sending no-one the link, have the entire thing exist invisibly in public view. The fact that it's written as though there were an audience does, I think, make an invisible blog even more pleasant to write (as an example, the list of lyrics on a t-shirt below contains one lyric from a band I was in so no-one will possibly know it, but that doesn't matter since no-one was ever likely to read it).

Anyhow, having decided that I rather liked the fact my blog was invisible, I came into work today and thought I would indulge myself by writing a fairly pretentious thought I had in the car this morning on my blog - only to find that the little counter thingy claimed that I'd had a dozen different people reading the bloody thing over the past day or two!

Which, of course, makes the entire exercise somewhat different, and means that - as just one example - my pretentious theory regarding the links between Tracy Chapman's song 'Fast Car' and Gwendoline Brooke's poem, 'We Real Cool' will just have to stay under my hat.

I may as well put a link on my own webpage now, I suppose...

Oh, and hello anyone (unexpectedly) reading this


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Blogger Philip said...

Whoops. That may be my fault -- I put in a link from Peculiar Times, having found this via at Welcome to Wildthyme. I can take the link down again if you like.


8:51 am  
Blogger Stuart Douglas said...

Ah, that explains it - I thought I'd commented out that link on WtoW but in my incomptetence I obviously forgot to do so. Oh well, at least in a public blog I won't be tempted to descend into maudlin ramblings and pretentious film criticism :)

Actually, your blog links must be terribly popular - before appearing on Peculiar Times I was getting exactly no hits, now I've had an 17 in the past two days :)

9:19 am  

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