Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Like some kind of pervert photfit

It's just been pointed out to me that the fact that my blog username is ostensibly that of a girl called Iris is, well, a bit dodgy. This is particularly the case, apparently, as I am not in fact a young girl who likes kittens and ponies but a receeding-hairlined, spectacle-wearing 35 year old man who collects Doctor Who books and thinks When the Boat Comes In constitutes great TV. If only I was a long-distance lorry driver or a member of the US Army I would, I'm told, be a poster-boy for internet grooming.

Mybe I should change my username to Big Bad Hank or something...


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Blogger GorebridgeLady said...

Love your blog, had to sign up to leave comments though, bit of a pest that, why don't you allow Annon Comments. I get confused as you know and didn't realise the Iris person was you as well, thought it was a friend.

Love to J and the Kids.

9:36 am  

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