Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The opposite of every cloud has a silver lining

Hearts beat Rangers 1-0 on Saturday past (which was brilliant obviously). I had several large shandies during the day however and managed somehow to lose my copy of Stanley Elkins The Magic Kingdom, mentioned in my last post.

As a result, I've had to switch to Charles Williams Many Dimensions. It's a great book, but wouldn't have been my first choice for a Williams re-read (that would be The Place of the Lion). I thought it was a good idea to read it whilst I still can though, because Matthew managed to tear the front cover off of my fifty year old Penguin copy and then - like the trophy of some literary obsessive serial killer - pinned the damn thing to the fridge door using Scooby Doo fridge magnets. Impressively deranged, I thought, for a three year old.

Williams actually deserves more than just a passing mention which I'll try and get to in the next few days.
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Blogger Philip said...

Charles Williams is wonderful -- bizarre and esoteric but always very readable. I'm always mildly astonished that he isn't more widely read.

8:03 am  
Blogger Stuart Douglas said...

I've just finished Many Dimensions and I'm mildly astonished myself that it's taken me the best part of a decade to start re-reading Williams. Must rake 'War in Heaven' out next.

9:16 pm  

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