Monday, January 30, 2006

Hello Mum

My mum has taken to reading this blog which - for reasons which I can't nail down at the moment - makes me terribly uncomfortable.

It's not that I write anything here which might upset her - if I recall correctly, I initially started a blog as a private online diary in which to enter the stupider thoughts that struck me and/or rant about things that annoyed me and thus get them off my chest before I climbed the nearest water-tower with a rifle. In reality it quickly descended into the usual mix of reviews of Doctor Who books and inconsequential comments about football, science fiction and movies.

And yet it still makes me uncomfortable to think she's reading it.

She's promised not to read it anymore, but as a promise from my mother's not to be nosey about one of her children is similar to having a girlfiend who genuinely likes football and doesn't sound stupid talking about it (a lovely thought, but never going to happen in the real world*), I'll just close by saying LOVE YOU MAMMY and leave it at that.

*Unless Helen Chamberlain's car actually does break down in a thunder storm outside my house one day and has to pop in to use the phone and get dried.
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Blogger Ross Douglas said...

She reads my blog as well mate.
Trust me, you have nothing to worry about. After reading some of the shit I've posted you're a saint by comparison.

2:54 pm  

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