Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Best. Review. Ever

Originally posted as a passing comment to a Who mailing list, Phil's mini-review of the Doctor Who story, Time and the Rani, is simply the funniest review ever written of anything ever.

"Imagine five-year-olds attempting to act out a Star Trek episode they saw once, only they're each thinking of different episodes and one of them was watching Jigsaw instead. They have a dressing-up box and a BBC micro, and one of them's recently read a Ladybird book about Famous Scientists.

Compared with Time and the Rani, that would be fucking Solaris."

Like the adverts say, priceless.
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Blogger TimeWarden said...

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2:12 am  
Blogger TimeWarden said...

If only Sly hadn't played the spoons!

If only Kate hadn't dressed up as Bonnie!!

And if only it hadn't been written by Pip and Jane!!!

1:19 am  

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