Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Dagnabit, I got successfully trolled to pieces on Scott's blog!

Check out the comments, where Mr D. Gordon jingles one of my bells and, like Pavlov's atheist dog, I immediately launch into auto-argue mode and end up being completely pwn3d (is that the right combination of nonsensical characters?)


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Blogger ellie said...

I have no idea what half of that means. I am a techno-amoeba.

9:15 am  
Blogger Stuart Douglas said...

Just follow the link to Scott's Blog and look at the Comments, where a swine pretends to be a creationist and gets me ranting about their stupidity, only to then do the net equivalent of whipping off their mask and shouting 'ha ha - I was only kidding and you fell for it!'

Anyway, you should first read my intersting views in previous posts, on Love Thy Neightbour, JK Rowling and recasting Blakes 7 :)

9:34 am  
Blogger Scott Liddell said...

Just goes to show that all the good action happens on my blog. You're Channel 5, you've just got some rubbish Uefa Cup games on. I'm Champions League.

12:35 pm  
Blogger Stuart Douglas said...

Scott: "I'm Champions League."

What - bloated and over-grown?

12:57 pm  

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