Friday, January 12, 2007

Judas goes to Castle Greyskull

Sad to see that Rangers have agreed compensation with the SFA over their blatant tapping of Walter Smith, our erstwhile manager. While it would have been a source of some tension to have the governing body of football in this country taking one of our top teams to court, it would have made a refreshing change to see the SFA standing up to one of the Old Firm bullies just for once.

It would also have been nice to see the SFA hit Smith with as many problems as possible, because the man is no more than a hypocrite and a disingenious charlatan. I'll ignore with but a passing snigger the fact that Smith lambasted the Hibs contract rebels just last week for attempting to break contracts they had signed to focus instead on Smith's pathetic claim that, had the SFA offered him an extended contract, he'd never have left.

That sounds fine until you read his next sentence, where he says that they did in fact approach him and ask if he wanted a new contract and he said no, he was fine with the situation as it was! OK Walter, if you say so (it's maybe not his fault he makes so little sense - maybe he's growing senile).

I don't really expect Smith to be a huge success, in any case - taking over an already successful Rangers team with far more money than anyone else in the league is one thing, but he was quickly found out at Everton where he had little money to spend and therefore failed to drag the team into the top half of the league and, one fortunate result against France aside, his success at Scotland has been wildly exaggerated IMO. Christ, I'd look good if I took over a coaching job from the utterly inept Berti Vogts.

Meanwhile, and just to demonstrate that my loathing for Judas Smith is not an anti-Rangers thing per se*, best of luck to Ally McCoist, a player I always had a lot of time for.

* Although I actually do loathe both Rangers and Celtic as a shower of bigots, bullies and cheats, supported in significant numbers by knuckled-dragging halfwits. And I admit that I laughed like a drain at the SFA banning Andy Webster, the baby Judas, from turning out for Rangers following his clearly underhand 'tranfer' to Wigan and subsequent loan to the Hun.


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