Monday, July 16, 2007

Nothing much to say

Other than the fact that should you ever be looking to host a function in Edinburgh the Bainfield Bowling Club should be avoided at all costs as it is run by a pathetic, foolish, cowardly worm of a man by the name of Peter Ramsey - a man who ran away from a simple question asked of him by an eight year old boy.

I'm rather proud of my son right now.*

* And of my little brother for remaining calm. I often don't agree with the things he says and does, but he's a big lad and it was nice of him not to ruin J's party by ripping Ramsey's head off.


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Blogger Ross Douglas said...

The temptation to rip Mrs Ramsey a new arsehole was quite overwhelming but I knew if I went down that route I'd have put myself on his level.
However, having found out that he spoke to Cameron in the way he did almost makes me want to lower myself to his level.

11:01 pm  
Blogger Wreckless said...

Nah, by the sounds of things, your Ramsey guy will be making himself disposable of quite soon. There is no way the committee of goons there will be able to keep him on.


7:19 am  
Blogger SAF said...

A headless proprietor might have been another useful feature by which prospective customers could identify the place ;)

8:13 am  
Blogger Panda said...

I am just so proud of you all, but mostly of my grandson, Cameron, who showed more common sense and good manners at the age of 8 than Peter Ramsey showed at 48. I would say shame on you Peter, but that would be a waste of effort on a prat like you...

7:57 am  
Blogger Stewart M. said...

I once streaked a bowling alley. Remember streaking? Some friends and I tried to bring it back. You know how there are the lanes running one way, and a long alley running perpendicular to them? There's usually a glass door on either end. I came in one end and my buddies were going to pick me up at the other--children and grandparents were screaming, and I think one person fainted. A fat security guard came after me. I was flapping in the wind. I made it all the way to the other side and...the glass door was LOCKED. Imagine my embarrASSment.

7:56 pm  

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