Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fabulous Fanfictiony Fragments

Now as you all know, I hold no torch for the majority of fan fiction* though I do tend to like any Iris Wildthyme stuff.

However I have to point anyone with a taste for well written fiction of any stripe to a story by Amy Wolf, called "Sunny and the Magic Box". It's probably worth browsing the entire lostluggage site upon which Ms Wolf's tale can be found, as the stories are hand-chosen by Kelly Hale, author of 'Erasing Sherlock' amongst others and she says that she has great taste.

Whilst you're on the site take a second to check out the image at the top of the page: a Doctor Who version of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks by Mags L Halliday, the resident lostluggage code monkey. How cool is that?

* For the benefit of Scott - now a proper published author in his own right - I should point out that fan fiction ('fanfic') is fiction set in a particular fictional universe, written by amateurs mainly and about the various main characters implausibly shagging, mainly
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