Friday, November 16, 2007

Something Small and Hairy is attacking that poor man

M'Learned friend Ian Mond (aka the nicest man in fandom) is growing an absolutely majestic moustache for November, as part of some strange antipodean ritual designed to raise money for cancer research*

I meant to mention this a while back but now you can see a picture of him two weeks in (here) which makes the endeavour seem more real, somehow. I think we can all agree that the mo is but a couple of hairs from those more generally seen in Victorian melodrama being twirled by oriental gentlemen with first names like Fu.

After viewing you can toddle along to, enter his registration number which is 97300 and your credit card details and sponsor him for a few quid (it's Aussie dollars which are worth about as much as used toilet paper so you won't even notice $10).

* Specifically prostate cancer, so any guy with an arse, or woman in a relationship with a man with an arse, has an interest in this.
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