Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paula Murray and the Daily Express

Paula Murray wrote an article for the Daily Express this week in which, after conning survivors of the Dunblane massacre, she printed pictures of them and described how

"DUNBLANE survivors have "shamed" the memory of their dead peers with foul-mouthed boasts about sex, brawls and drink-fuelled antics as they reach adulthood."

even though nothing in their behaviour was in any way linked to the massacre (in which many of them were injured and 18 of their friends died).

Paula Murray deserves to be sacked and never employed as a journalist again. She is, frankly, the lowest of the low.

The original Express article as text

The original Express article as a pdf

A petition to have Murray disciplined and an apology printed

Graham Linehan writing very well about the article, the Express and Murray.
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