Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Favourite Telly Moments

Over on Rob's rather splendid blog, he's asked people to name their favourite all time telly moments. And you know me, that's not a request I'm ever likely to ignore.

So (in no particular order):

- The ending of the Monk episode, 'Mr Monk and Mrs Monk' where the actress impersonating Trudy dies in Monk's arms, but only after promising to tell Trudy that Monk still loves her.

- The flash forward montage of John Smith's potential life with Joan Redfearn from the end of the Doctor Who 'Human Nature' double header.

- The young women mocking Jack Ford for his tale of his captain dying in his arms on the Somme in the final series of When the Boat Comes in

- the little girl turning off the TV in the final scene of Life on Mars (I didn't like this at the time but it's really grown on me).

- DI Billborough's 'dying man's statement' from the Cracker episode 'To be a Somebody'.

- Reg Deadman's comically misplaced disgust as Gary gives Eric the kiss of life in the first episode of Goodnight Sweetheart

- the whole nightclub/murder of Maddie scene from Twin Peaks - 'it's happening again'

- the scene in The West Wing where Josh and Toby discuss people sending their children to stay with neighbours before armed gangs arrive and torture and rape them in front of their parents. (also loads of other West Wing).

- Greg smiling to himself as he rides away, dying of cholera, to infect the bad guys in Survivors

the 'fuck' scene from season 1 of The Wire

the entire episode of The Good Life where everyone gets drunk and considers swinging.

- the scene in series 1 episode of Dads Army, 'The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage' where Mainwairing, Fraser and Jones discuss in a matter-of-fact manner the fact that they'll probably be killed by the German invaders

- the final scene of the Sandbaggers' episode 'Special Relationship'

- the executions in the courtyard as Albert watches on, from Secret Army

and so many more, but I have to go and do some work...


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Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yes. The Secret Army execution scenes truly shocked me as a youngster watching them. Thanks for the reminder (I think)

Grand list btw

5:44 pm  
Blogger MediumRob said...

Damn. Forgot The Sandbaggers in my rundown. Good choices.

12:02 pm  

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