Friday, October 09, 2009

Barry Letts (1925-2009) RIP

[reposting in full an email from Jim Smith about the sad news]

Doctor Who's only writer/director/producer. A man who worked on the series in each decade of the twentieth century in which it was made. The co-writer of 'The One With The Giant Maggots'. The director of 'The One With The Giant Spiders'. Author of one of the most admired Target novelisations. Indeed, the man who said 'Yes' to the *idea* of Target novelisations. A decorated naval officer. An actor for twenty years. A man who took on the job of producing 'Doctor Who' because no one else would and despite never having wanted to be a producer, only a director and who *doubled* its ratings inside two years. The director of the dayglo pop glory that it 'Terror of the Autons', one of a handful of 'Doctor Who' stories to gain viewers for every week of its original run. The creator of Sarah Jane Smith, Jo Grant and the Master. Producer of the Timothy Dalton-starring 'Jane Eyre'. A director on 'Z Cars' and a famous, admired 'EastEnders' two hander. Producer of the BBC's lauded 'Diary of Anne Frank'. The man who said 'Why don't you write the *geneis* of the Daleks'. The man who asked Tom Baker to play Doctor Who. The architect, directly and indirectly, of millions of childhoods.
The earth will shake.


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