Friday, May 20, 2005

Death to All Sanity

Stumbled across this article on Geoff's Live Journal. In short, it concerns a student in the US who bought a second hand copy of the Koran via Amazon Marketplace, in which someone had scrawled 'Death to All Muslims' on the flyleaf. She was outraged, Amazon, the Muslim Public Affairs Council called on Amazon to publically apologise, which they did.

What I'm unsure about is this - which of the following points in the article is most depressing?

(a) Someone writing something so stupid in a copy of the Koran?
(b) The student in question - who dropped the book in disgust when she first read the grafitto - posing for photographers, carrying the book in question, with a big smile on her face?
(c) The MPAC saying it wanted Amazon to issue a public apology for something over which they had no possible control?
(d) Amazon apologising for something over which they had no possible control?
or (e) The related fact that a Newsweek report which claimed that some US soldier had flushed a Koran down the toilet triggered protests across the Muslim world in which 16 people died?

Or (e) - all of the above...
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