Friday, July 08, 2005

A Cloud of C*n*s

I may have to temporarily take down the Tag Cloud situated to the left and down a bit from here. All it does is provide a "cloud" of weighted, clickable links based on the frequency with which words appear in a grouping of nominated blogs - in this case, a selection of Doctor Who authors.

Following the events of yesterday in London, though, the cloud is now packed with some fairly choice (if wholly understandable) language - which I'm not too keen on having on my blog.

Must go and check if the contents of the cloud are editable...


edited to add: And almost immediately I find that you can stop words from appearing in your Cloud. Excellent.
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Blogger Mags said...

somehow, I just knew "revenge of the sith" would be there...DW predictable.

4:31 pm  
Blogger Stuart Douglas said...

to be scrupulously fair, only David McIntee actually mentioned it - it's just that he did so in three different blog entries this week :)

8:59 am  

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