Monday, October 10, 2005

On the road again

At times, driving from home in Edinburgh to work in Lanarkshire, I feel like Frodo heading into darkest Mordor (that's Lord of the Rings 're-imagined' by George Lucas for the Anniversary release on DVD, with Frodo driving a dirty silver Nissan Micra whilst listening to an mp3 player randomly playing tracks from the complete Fall back catalogue).

There's even a point on the country road I use when I can say, with certainty, that I've left the comforts of home behind and am now most definitely in the west. Sometimes you can even see the point at which the sunny east becomes the sodden west - it's like driving into a curtain of rain.

In fact the only good thing about driving towards Glasgow as opposed to driving into Edinburgh is the total absence of idiots on bicycles. I have a deep and fundamental loathing of cyclists on the road - a shower of arrogant, dangerous fools who seem to feel that the mere fact that they have a bike gives them the right to hog the road, change lanes without looking or indicating, shoot through red lights and generally cause mayhem. If you wish to risk life and limb by driving in heavy traffic on something which provides no protection and is liable to cause your death should you skid for any reason, buy a motorbike or scooter please. That way, you will at least have to contribute your share of the tax burden which pays for the upkeep of the road system you will undoubtedly one day be scraped off of.

(For the avoidance of doubt, please note that this ire towards cyclists is nothing to do with one squirting my windscreen with some kind of fruit juice the other day after I called him something fairly anglo-saxon following his decision to shoot over a crossroads against the lights and nearly got someone killed.)

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