Friday, August 31, 2007

Great Site, Daft Name

Bimbogami is the Japanese God of Poverty, Google informs me. If he gets into your house, you will end up poor, dirty and unhappy. It is also the name of a nifty new puzzle website that I've been beta-testing in a desultory manner for the past few months. The connection eludes me, I have to admit.

However, the site - which goes live this weekend - is excellent and comes highly recommended to anyone who misses Puzzle Donkey. Comprised of a linear path through a myriad of puzzles, Bimbogami has, imo, a reasonable difficulty ramping and some very clever and inventive conundrums, many of which require a good deal of non-linear thinking.*

Well done to Steve and his occasional coding monkey Scott for getting it all sorted and ready to roll - all that's left for you to do is join and test your wits against...some Japanese mythical skinflint. No, sorry, I still don't get the connection...

Also, can I just point out that I've been saying exactly this for two years now. It'll give me no pleasure to say 'told you so' though :(

Finally, damn - I just discovered that I missed the deadline by several months for submission to Myth Makers, the DWIN-organised Doctor Who fanzine. This is annoying because (a) it's my favourite source of Who short fiction and (b) I'd stopped my occasional pestering of erstwhile editor, Richard Salter, when he stood down from the editorship and hadn't realised that I should have been pestering newly installed co-editor, John, instead. That'll learn me not to pay attention.

* Hopefully (though I haven't checked) they'll have moved the stupid puzzle with a picture of Big Ben in it straight into the bucket though. That was just daft.

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Blogger SK said...

Oh, well, if they won't advertise that they're looking for submissions anywhere...

(Annoying, that, they might have published the second piece of fan-fiction I've written in my life, after the whole Atypical History fiasco left it homeless. Though probablynto, as it's about twice as long as their maximum length if I remember rightly).

4:32 pm  

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