Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Big Man - Other Views and Reviews

Don't say I don't give you anything.

Below are links to some other recommended reviews of Partners In Crime because - as has been pointed out to me - I do tend only to link to people who agree with me and apparently I'm not always right...

Chewing the Fat: "you couldn't do a plot like this with any kind of seriousness, this was so high in fat and yet entirely weight-free, it's something of a miracle in itself."

Day 2652: DOCTOR WHO: Partners in Crime: "It does make for a good opening to the season: nothing too heavy, plenty to laugh and joke about, but also an interesting idea to make you think."

Partners in Crime: "The good moments only just about mitigate the cobbled together on a napkin at three in the morning after a booze-up plot"

Doctor Who: Partners in Crime: "Oh, oh, oh. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Mainly because of the sheer bliss of having a companion who can act."

Review: Doctor Who 4x1 - Partners in Crime: "Not a huge amount of depth to the plot, but nice."

For a Pound of Flesh: "The script rattled merrily along in a way that is increasingly familiar to fans of Russell T with its vertical chase scenes, its knowing wit, and its unadulterated joie de vivre"

Doctor Who: Partners in Crime: "I liked this. I'm not sure I have a great deal to add beyond that."

Partners in Crime Review: "A great first episode which sets the bar high for following episodes."

Doctor Who: Partners in Crime:"There was nothing great about Partners in Crime, but despite Davies’ recurring toilet obsession, it did better on the not-making-me-want- to-throw-things-at-the-telly scale than any Davies-authored story since The Christmas Invasion"

And as it turns out most people do agree with me!*

I'll probably forget to do this next week, but you never know...

* Rare enough to be worthy of comment

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Blogger TimeWarden said...

I wasn't impressed with "Pilchards in Brine", it's true, apart from Bernard Cribbins and that's despite his failure to tell Donna he'd, also, already met the Doctor!

But, hurriedly looking ahead to the season finale, I genuinely believe Donna will die. Before HIS time is up, I'm sure RTD is looking to create a new "Doctor Who" version of Eighties' Adric magic!

5:44 am  
Blogger Stuart Douglas said...

I do like Donna - I think she's the first companion of the new series I can truly say that of. Tate effortlessly out-acts the previous incumbents of the position of assistant, and the character feels like a real person in a way that Martha and Cap'n Jack don't (Rose was realistic but so obviously a Mary-Jane for Russ that it's a little bit cringe-worthy).

If someone has to die, I'd *much* rather it was Rose, just to stop anyone bringing her back again.

10:40 am  

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