Thursday, August 07, 2008

Combating Evil: A Primer

From recent watching of Doctor Who, some notes on defeating Evil.

1. Should you wish to lure an evil genius scientist away from his nefarious experiments just as he's about to unleash a monster on the planet, knock on his door. He won't be able to resist answering and while he's doing so your temprarily blinded assistant can cause havoc.

2. If you're concerned that one or other of the new friends you've made may be infected by a malevolent space virus, look out for the one suddenly wearing giant space sunglasses.

3. The best place for a mechanical dog in a music video is on top of a crumbly brick wall in the countryside. Don't ask my why though.

4. The likelihood of one of your companions having an exact duplicate amongst the guests at a country house party is the same as that party expecting a man dressed the same as you are and with a very similar name to your own. The laws of BBC drama mean that the man they are expecting will only turn up after you've left.

5. Watch out for Michael Sheard - he's never up to any good.

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Blogger SAF said...

Heheh. All sage advice. Wisdom, that's what I visit this blog for. :)

12:23 pm  

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