Friday, June 27, 2008

This is not a meme, son

To re-iterate, this is not a meme. But my chauffeur, Scott, asked the following pretty diverting question in his blog a few days ago, and I wasted a solid 80 minutes on Amazon answering it. Which either means that it's a genuinely intriguing question, or that I'm a sad little man who can't resist making lists.

Anyway, the question:

You are about to go to a desert island forever. You have £50 to spend on Amazon. You can only buy books, CD's or DVD's (assume that you can play such on this mystical isle). This will be all the entertainment you will have on the island for the rest of your life.

What would you spend it on? You can make use of any available offers at the time of purchase and assume free postage. You must provide links to the items and their prices.

I decided to forget about dvds and went for:


Grace, Jeff Buckley £5.47
Must I Paint You a Picture, Billy Bragg, £4.98
No More Shall We Part, Nick Cave - 4.98
Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan - 4.98
The Dreaming, Kate Bush - 4.98


From Hell, Alan Moore - 15.99
The Lord of The Rings, Tolkein - 10.73
Around the World in Eighty Days, Jules Verne - 1.80

which (after swapping Buckley for Bragg) left me just enough change for a copy of Doctor Who Monthly from eBay to wile away the lonely evenings (which is cheating, technically, but what can they do to me - I'm already being sent to a desert island with no access to Bit Torrent).

I'm a bit worried that there's a lot of slow music and nothing really loud and rocky, but I've picked two thumping tomes of books so if the cds get boring I can always read for a while. Or talk to a basketball or something.

Anyway, not a meme and I'm tagging nobody but feel free to play the game if you're really bored. Scott would love to think he'd come up with something viral ;-)

And don't you wish you had taste as great as mine*?

* Also, aren't you glad that your life isn't as obviously empty of incident as mine :-)


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Blogger SAF said...

Only surprised you had no Flashman in there.

1:40 pm  
Blogger Stuart Douglas said...

Didn't have enough money :)

1:46 pm  

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