Saturday, January 05, 2008

Major Andrew Olmsted

I just heard today that Major Andrew Olmsted of the US Army in Iraq was killed yesterday in an ambush.

Which would not generally be something I would take much notice of, but he wrote an interesting and insightful blog about being in the US Army and volunteering to go back to Iraq. I can't remember how I came across him (via Geoff Wessel maybe, which is where I saw the news he'd been killed) and I didn't always agree with everything he wrote but he was honest and intelligent and certainly not the gung-ho military fool that their idiot of a Commander in Chief might be thought to represent.

His final, posthumous post, which he asked a friend to put online in the event that he was killed is a wonderful, touching and humbling piece of writing and makes me wish I acted...I don't know...better in many aspects of my life.

Anyway it's online here and I recommend everyone read it.


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