Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vote Now! Don't Vote Brain Dead Idiot!

It's a simple and straight-forward plea. If you dislike the Labour Party sufficiently to be considering casting a protest vote for one of the minority parties (rather than, say, voting Lib Dem which is, I suspect what I'll be doing) then for the love of sanity, do not vote BNP!

It may feel like a real slap in the face for the government to vote for the party furthest away from them politically, but these people are not worthy of anyone's vote. The are a party of racist, homophobic bigots with a twisted and in no way realistic view of this country and should never benefit from anyone's vote, unless racism, homophobia and bigotry are something you identify with (and that's no-one reading this, surely?)

Most amusing tweet from a BNP supporter today:

"if you don't vote BNP then the veterans of WWII died for nothing"

As m'colleague Daniel O'Mahony pointed out, he presumably means veterans of the Waffen-SS...

To which I can only add - don't veterans generally survive wars? Isn't that what makes them veterans?

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Blogger Mark Clapham said...

What you said. Some people seem to have been tricked into believing the BNP are just a more strident UKIP or Veritas. Nutty as those two parties are, the BNP are something far worse, out and out fascists. Fuck them.

BTW, If the Lib Dems aren't a minority party, what are they?

4:45 pm  

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